Why The Bureau?


The New York Consulting Bureau is unique. Many service providers are paid by the amount of time they bill for working for a client. Unsurprisingly, they do their best in simply stretching the billable hours their clients are paying for. But, do they produce the results their clients are looking for?

The Bureau starts by learning about its clients – inside and out – and understanding their goals, needs and interests. This allows us to identify the main goal with clients, which defines the necessary next steps. The product we offer is our ability to help each and every client. We are always ready to go the extra mile for them.

We do not limit our assistance to just one type of service. The New York Consulting Bureau partners with professionals who have earned a good standing in their field. We do our best to identify the necessary experts and secure their services for our clients’ interests.

An added advantage of working with us is our skill in intercultural communication. Even the best interpreters without significant real life experience on the ground cannot adequately translate the essence of the task our clients need help with. We guarantee that our clients and their needs will be understood.