The founder and president of The New York Consulting Bureau, Nikolay Pakhomov, worked for more than fifteen years with a wide variety of organizations, successfully implementing commercial and non-profit projects within both the United States and Russia. His career is built on creating bridges and profitable relationships across a range of verticals.

Thanks to his developed network and deep understanding of both countries – including their political processes, economic and social structures, and business cultures – Nikolay is able to contribute to decisions that impact business at the highest levels. His knowledge makes him a valued member of any team negotiating business opportunities on either side of the Atlantic. His international credibility creates a space in which he can leverage important connections, influence, and understanding to give direction to global policy-making.

Knowing the interest of Russians and Americans toward cooperation, Nikolay founded The New York Consulting Bureau – which is aimed to help in building mutual assistance between these two peoples. Familiarity with everyday and professional life in both the United States and Russia, a proven record of strategic and analytical thinking, experience in solving challenging problems, and a wide network of colleagues and partners with high regard of Nikolay’s and his company’s reputation allow The New York Consulting Bureau to help clients who find themselves facing difficult questions.

Nikolay received his B.A., M.A. (with honors), and PhD in Political Science and International Relations  from MGIMO-University of Foreign Ministry of Russia.

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