PR services


We offer a unique multinational and multicultural, result-oriented approach to PR services. While most American PR companies claim to be the ultimate standard-bearers, their previous achievements do not always guarantee future success. Several American PR firms were forced to downsize their presences in Russia after losing contracts with leading Russian companies. Two main reasons for this are: first, Russian markets have many unique characteristics that are difficult to understand for foreigners; second, Russian clients demand the best service for their money, accepting only results and not meaningless acivities, which are often offered by foreign PR firms.

Our clients have a similar attitude and look for high-quality PR assistance with their business in Russia. The New York Consulting Bureau is ready to help with PR services on both sides of the Atlantic. Our partners – leading Russian PR companies – stand by to implement the tasks we identify with our clients. Knowing the importance of constant control and feedback to successful PR strategies, if our clients find it necessary, we will represent them in dealings with their PR services providers in Russia. Without a doubt, our clients remain in the center of our universe and we know how to mobilize our partners to produce the best results in clients’ interests.