Analytical products


We provide the full range of analytical products for understanding the economic and political realities within Russia and globally, including thematic, industry, and company research. Our knowledge of Russian foreign and domestic policies is also instrumental in understanding of the economic and political situation in Central and Eastern Europe and the emerging markets of the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

We produce rigorous analyses, which rely on statistically verifiable data. Our analytical conclusions are grounded on hard facts, which makes them competitive in the branch of geopolitical risk analysis – which suffers from the overflow of “analysis” often based on rumors, impressions and wishes.

Our methodical interdisciplinary approach allows us to generate fact-based conclusions. The New York Consulting Bureau utilizes its local contacts and information sources to analyze risk trends in Russia, including political, reputation, and sanctions-related risks. Since we understand how critical decisions are made and implemented in Russia, we can anticipate and plan for the Kremlin’s political responses to evolving events.

We are experienced at presenting our findings and complex material at a high standards on a timely and sensitive basis, while taking into consideration the method of delivery and the client’s needs. International think-tanks, consulting companies, and business entities have come to rely on our unbiased understanding of and actionable advice on how businesses and state-funded entities operate in Russia. We are able to contribute to the important discussions that impact business at the highest levels.