Legal services


Our clients get all necessary legal support for a more attractive price on almost any issue connected with their life and work in Russia from Russian attorneys with vast international experience. Recently, several established American and Western law firms have dramatically cut their operations in Russia. “Crisis” is the most popular explanation for their actions. However, it seems that today, crisis is the “normal” state of affairs around the world. Western law firms had to downsize and close their posh offices because their clients in Russia did not think the attorneys’ charges were adequate to the quality of provided legal services. What is more important – crisis or not – if there is a matter to be dealt with, it needs to be addressed with the help of a competent attorney. Where does one go when this issue relates to Russia?

Our American clients can start searching for high-quality legal representation in Russia without leaving the United States. The Bureau begins by analyzing the problem at hand and connecting our clients with the right attorney from among our partners in Russia who are willing and able to help in solving the problem. Our clients can then decide to deal with the attorney directly or retain our services to watch over their interest during their collaboration with the attorney.