The New York Consulting Bureau helps its clients on two fronts: we analyze client’s problem and prepare our bespoken solutions, which involve acclaimed professionals in their spheres of expertise. Based on clients’ wishes, once a plan has been proposed, the Bureau will continue to look out for their interests during various interactions with professionals, companies, and officials. We understand that our clients – regardless of being American or Russian – are successful individuals who value their time; we are ready to lessen their burden by taking control over their business relationships with partners and contractors in Russia and the United States.

Our reputation and strategic vision – based on a thorough understanding of global trends and the socioeconomic and political situations in both countries – are our main assets. The product that we offer is our ability to help our clients, to give crucial advice, to prepare and implement strategic solutions, and to effectively act on our clients’ interests without harming our customers’ reputation or business positioning.

Our current American clients are most interested in:

Every problem our clients face is unique; that is why after contacting us we prepare solutions based on client’s specific needs, going even beyond the four areas previously mentioned.